I am not a pet owner can I go to the pet shelters?

Pet Shelters are primarily for pet owners who live in mobile or manufactured housing, substandard housing or in an area prone to flooding. Additional public shelters will be available in the County for those without pets. As in any other sheltering situation, residents are advised to consult the local media or Polk County Citizens Information Line 863-401-2234 to ensure a specific shelter is open and operating before proceeding to that facility. Public shelters or pet shelters should be your last option if you must evacuate. Seek out family, friends, church members or others that do not have to evacuate as your first choice.

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1. Can I stay at the shelter with my pets?
2. Does pre-registration guarantee space in the shelters?
3. I am not a pet owner can I go to the pet shelters?
4. My pet has required vaccinations and has no fleas or ticks. What is being done to make sure all pets in the shelter don’t have fleas?
5. What are the addresses for the Pet Shelters in Haines City?
6. What happens if a pet in the shelter is dangerous or bites someone?
7. What pets are allowed in pet shelters?
8. What supplies must be brought to the shelter for my pets?
9. Why are shelters for animals being provided?
10. Will I be able to take my pet outdoors or allow others to pet them?